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Free tote bag on all Shear Delight orders over £40


100% British Wool

The best of our sheep fleeces are picked out at shearing time to sell direct to customers before the rest is sold to the British Wool Board.

Many of our customers love to work with greasy fleece, basically just sheared fleece with nothing done to it and ideal for hand spinning and felting. We sell these as whole fleeces or in  100g bags.

We also have some of  this best fleece spun into knitting yarn. World of Wool in Huddersfield spin for us. What is important to us is celebrating the fleece qualities of the breeds we keep in the wool we produce.

We have a small number of sheepskins made each year. We work with Devonia tannery in Devon, one of the last remaining tanneries in the UK. Our sheepskins sell our really fast so get in touch to pre-order one.

What we love most about the farm is working with the animals but the next best thing is making the most of what we have. Much of the UKs historic economy was built on wool and it’s so sad that from a farmers’ point of view, shearing the sheep is hardly worth the trouble. Many farmers burn the fleece or give it away as they see it as worthless. We both hate waste so it has become very important to us to make our wool business profitable, encouraging other farmers to think of wool as an asset again. Also, in terms of the environment and sustainability, wool is completely compostable in a year and synthetic fibres will not compost at all.

Shear Delight is part of the brand Dodgson Wood. This is run by John Atkinson and Maria Benjamin. You can find out more about us here.